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Welcome to The PFA Poster Gallery.

Here you will find a number of different databases on music posters, organized by bands, countries, and poster artists.
These listings concentrate primarily on European posters, as most U.S. posters are already well covered in books.

Please see the Poster Art Books in my library for additional information.

Comments, corrections or additions to this site would be greatly appreciated.

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Table of Contents
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Poster Index

  1. Bands:

    1. Hawkwind Posters 1970-1975

    2. Pink Floyd Posters 1966-1994

    3. Soft Machine posters, handbills & ads 1966-1984

  2. Countries:

    1. England:

      Osiris Visions Posters

    2. Germany:

      German Rock Festival Posters 1967-1975

    3. United States:

      Birmingham / Michigan Posters and Concert Memories 1968-1971

  3. Poster Artists:

    1. David Arnott posters (England)

    2. Gunther Kieser Art Object Concert Posters 1969-1980 (Germany)

    3. Nigel Mentzel's "Spirit of the Sixties" Posters (England)