The Pink Floyd Poster Gallery

Listing Information

Contributors: I would like to thank the following people for their help with this site. They have provided invaluable pictures and/or information to this database: Charles Beterams, Stian Brekke, Jason Cornthwaite, Werner Haider, Doug Hext, Matt Jaffe, Glenn Povey, Claus Rasmussen and Elliot Tayman.

Date & Venue: A listing of the date and venue for the Pink Floyd show listed on the poster. Although some posters are for multiple shows, this is a Pink Floyd database, so I list posters by the date of the Pink Floyd show. An exception is made for festivals that took place over multiple days, with listings of the dates of the festival.

Poster Classes.

Poster classes have nothing to do with the condition a poster is in. Poster classes only pertain to the information given on the poster.

Class A: An original concert poster for a show that actually happened. The poster has the name Pink Floyd on it, and also lists the correct venue of the show and the date of the show.

Class B: An original concert poster for a show that actually happened. However, the poster does not list the band, Pink Floyd, or does not have the venue or date of the show printed on it.

Class C: An original concert poster for a show that actually happened, but not on the date or at the venue listed on the poster. These posters include rescheduled concerts, or concerts that were moved to a different site after the poster was printed.

Class D: An original concert poster for a show that never took place. These posters include cancelled events, or shows that Pink Floyd did not play at.

Class F: Fake concert posters. These are commemorative posters that were made up after the event to look like a real concert poster. They were made to commemorate an event that has already happened.
Although numerous of Pink Floyd commemorative posters have been made (some of which are very nice), I have chosen to list only those commemorative posters that are being mistaken by people as original concert posters.

Poster Size Measurements.

Poster sizes are listed as height by width.
For the most part, I have listed the poster sizes in inches and fraction of inches. Posters are measured to the nearest sixteenth of an inch. If the measurement is slightly over a sixteenth, it is rounded up to the next sixteenth.
Occasionally, posters are listed by standard paper sizes. They are:
A2 - 23.4" x 16.5"
A3 - 16.5" x 11.7"
A4 - 11.7" x 8.3"
A5 - 8.3" x 5.8"

Paper Thickness.

PT - PT stands for paper thickness. This is the thickness of the paper that the poster is printed on.
Paper thickness is measured by a digital micrometer to the one ten thousandth of an inch, and is accurate +/- .0001".
Measurements are made approximately one inch in from the edge of the poster.
Often times, paper thickness is the best way to determine whether a poster is an original or a forgery.