Pink Floyd Posters - Knebworth Festival, June 30, 1990

Pink Floyd
Knebworth Festival
June 30, 1990

by The Pink Floyd Archives

This section of the Pink Floyd Poster Gallery covers the original Pink Floyd concert poster for the Knebworth Festival on June 30, 1990.
Ads from magazines and newspapers are not included.

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Knebworth Festival
June 30, 1990 Poster

Pink Floyd

  1. June 1990

    1. Knebworth Festival poster, June 30, 1990

June 1990

Knebworth Festival poster
June 30, 1990

1a) Knebworth Festival poster
Date & Venue: Knebworth Park, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England, June 30, 1990
Bands: Pink Floyd
Poster Size: 37 x 25 9/16
PT: .0055
Notes: A poster for the Pink Floyd performance at the Knebworth Festival in Knebworth Park, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, England on June 30, 1990.