Pink Floyd Posters - July-August 1970

Pink Floyd
July-August 1970

by Vernon Fitch

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

This section of the Pink Floyd Poster Gallery documents Pink Floyd posters and handbills from July and August 1970.
Ads from magazines and newspapers are not included.

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July-August 1970 Posters

Pink Floyd

  1. July 1970

    1. Open Air Pop Festival Aachen poster, July 10-12, 1970

  2. August 1970

    1. Popanalia Festival poster, August 5, 1970 (cancelled show)
    2. Pop Festival Saint Raphael poster, August 8-9, 1970 (cancelled festival)
    3. Heidelberg Open-Air Festival poster, August 29, 1970 (cancelled festival)

July 1970

Aachen Pop Festival poster
July 10-12, 1970

1a) Aachen Pop Festival poster
Date & Venue: Soerser Stadium, Aachen, West Germany, July 10-12, 1970
Bands: Pink Floyd, Taste, Canned Heat, Traffic, Deep Purple, Quintessence, Edgar Broughton, East of Eden, Caravan, Champion Jack Dupree, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Hardin/York, Fairport Convention, Amon Duul II, Keef Hartley, Mungo Jerry.
Poster Artist: G. Feuerstein with photo by Fistus Dickmann
Poster Size: 33 7/16 x 23 15/16
PT: .0044
Notes: A poster for the Soersfestival 3-day open air festival on July 12, 1970. Pink Floyd performed at the festival on July 12, 1970.

August 1970

Popanalia Festival poster
August 5, 1970
(Pink Floyd did not play)

2a) Popanalia Festival poster
Date & Venue: Autoroute de L'Eateral, Biot, France, August 5, 1970
Bands: Joan Baez, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Soft Machine, and others.
Notes: A poster for the Popanalia Festival in France in August 1970. Poor organization of the festival caused many of the bands to refuse to play. Although Pink Floyd is listed on the poster, they did not perform at the festival.

Pop Festival Saint Raphael poster
August 8-9, 1970
(cancelled festival)

2b) Pop Festival Saint Raphael poster
Date & Venue: Fete de Saint Raphael, Les Arenas, St. Raphael, France, August 8-9, 1970
Bands: Family, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, Hardin/York Ginger Johnson and His African Drummers, Edgar Broughton Band, Keef Hartley Blues Band, Kevin Ayers & the Whole World, Ekseption, Steamhammer, Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band, Cuby & Blizzards.
Poster Size: 33 X 23.2
Notes: A poster for the Pop Festival Saint Raphael on August 8-9, 1970. The entire festival was cancelled due to problems with the local authorities.

Heidelberg Open-Air Festival poster
August 29, 1970
(cancelled festival)

2c) Heidelberg Open-Air Festival poster
Date & Venue: Thingstatte Ampitheatre, Heidelberg, West Germany, August 29, 1970
Bands: Pink Floyd, and others.
Notes: A poster for the Heidelberg Festival August 29, 1970. This festival never took place. It may have been cancelled due to the occurrence of the Isle of Wight Festival at the same time.