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The following are interesting music and related web sites, including progressive bands and guitar sites.

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  1. Kevin Ayers
  2. Calyx - The Canterbury Website
  3. Caravan (The Unofficial Caravan Page)
  4. Family
  5. Gentle Giant
  6. Peter Hammill
  7. Hawkwind
  8. Henry Cow
  9. King Crimson
  10. Procol Harum
  11. Soft Machine
  12. Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin
  13. Frank Zappa (The REAL Frank Zappa Home Page)

Concert Sites

  1. A History of the Rainbow Theatre

Discography Sites

  1. The Capital 6000 Website
  2. The CD Story
  3. Collectable Records
  4. Discographies of 50s & 60s Record Labels
  5. How CDs are Made
  6. Introduction of the CD
  7. Major Labels & Catalog Numbers
  8. Pressing Plant Information
  9. Pressing Plants
  10. Sony History
  11. Sounbdhog (EMI Tapes from 1960 to present)
  12. Worldwide Vertigo Swirl Guide


  1. Guitar Companies
  2. Guitar Links
  3. Guitar Magazines
  4. Guitar Stores

Magazine Sites

  1. International Times Archives
  2. The Drum Machine Museum
  3. MOJO Music Magazine
  4. Q Music Magazine

Poster Sites

  1. Nigel Mentzel Psychedelic Posters
  2. Osiris Visions Poster Series
  3. Victoria & Albert Museum

Record Companies

  1. Cuneiform Records
  2. Recommended Records