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Welcome to The Pink Floyd Archives Library, a database of various Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, and related books. I am an avid reader, and I collect Pink Floyd books for both research purposes and for pleasure. This database features title and publishing information, including title, author, publisher, date published, ISBN number, page length, plus a brief synopsis for each book in an effort to assist anyone who wants to obtain copies of these works.

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Table of Contents

  1. Album Art Books - Books about album art, and the people who created them.
  2. Concerts - Books about concert dates, pictures, promoters, concert reviews, and venues.
  3. Discography Books - Discography books and books about record companies.
  4. Encyclopedias - Encyclopedias about Pink Floyd and rock music in general.
  5. Poster Books - Books about poster art, and the artists that drew them.
  6. Movie Books - Books about movies.
  7. Musicians as Solo Artists
    1. Syd Barrett Books - Books written about Syd Barrett, in whole or in part.
    2. David Gilmour Books - Books written about David Gilmour.
    3. Nick Mason Books - Books written by Nick Mason or related to Nick Mason in some way.
    4. Roger Waters Books - Books written about Roger Waters or related to Roger Waters in some way.
  8. Pink Floyd Books - Books specifically written about Pink Floyd or one of their compositions.
  9. Price Guide Books - Books or catalogs that reference the prices of records, memorabilia, etc.
  10. Related
    1. Pink Floyd Related Books A - E - Books that are related to Pink Floyd, beginning with the letters A - E.
    2. Pink Floyd Related Books F - K - Books that are related to Pink Floyd, beginning with the letters F - K.
    3. Pink Floyd Related Books L - R - Books that are related to Pink Floyd, beginning with the letters L - R.
    4. Pink Floyd Related Books S - Z - Books that are related to Pink Floyd, beginning with the letters S - Z.
  11. Sheet Music - Pink Floyd and related sheet music.
  12. Songbooks and Performance Techniques Books - Pink Floyd and related songbooks, and books having to do with performance techniques.
  13. Tourbooks
    1. Pink Floyd Tourbooks & Concert Souvenirs - A listing of Pink Floyd tourbooks and concert souvenirs from 1967 through 1994.
    2. Solo Tourbooks
      1. David Gilmour Tourbooks - A listing of David Gilmour tourbooks.
      2. Roger Waters Tourbooks - A listing of Roger Waters tourbooks.
      3. Related Tourbooks - A listing of Pink Floyd related tourbooks.

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