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IFPI Codes

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

On many CDs, there are two Source Identification Codes (SID Code) in the matrix band. The SID Code, which was introduced in April 1994, consists of the letters IFPI (which stands for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), followed by 4 or 5 additional characters.

There are two different SID Codes found on CDs:

1. Mastering Code - The first SID Code in the matrix band is the "Mastering Code." The Mastering Code begins with "IFPI" followed by a sequence of digits beginning with the letter L, followed by two numbers that indicate the pressing plant, and then 1 or 2 additional digits that indicate the Laser Beam Recorder (LBR) that cut the glass master. The Mastering Code is put on the CD at the time the glass master of the CD is cut by the LBR, and it appears on all subsequent pressings of the CD sourced from that specific glass master.

2. Mould Code - The second SID Code on a CD is the "Mould Code." The Mould Code begins with "ifpi" followed by two digits that indicate the specific pressing plant that pressed the disc, and two additional digits that indicate the unique mould or stamper that pressed the CD.

The following is a list of the two digit SID Mould Codes (the first two or three digits after the mould code IFPI) that indicate where a CD was stamped or pressed.

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IFPI Codes

Double Digit IFPI Mould Codes:

01 - Philips DuPont Optical (PDO) / Universal Manufacturing & Logistics / Polygram Manufacturing & Distribution Centers / Entertainment Distribution Company GmbH, Hannover, Germany
02 - Philips DuPont Optical (PDO) / Universal Manufacturing & Logistics / Polygram Manufacturing & Distribution Centers / Cinram Audio Discs, Louviers, France
03 - Philips DuPont Optical (PDO) / Universal Manufacturing & Logistics / Polygram Manufacturing & Distribution Centers / Entertainment Distribution Company GmbH, King Mountain, North Carolina, USA
04 - Philips DuPont Optical (PDO) / UUniversal Manufacturing & Logistics / Polygram Manufacturing & Distribution Centers / Entertainment Distribution Company GmbH, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK
05 - RSA Record (Service GmbH) / Warner Music Manufacturing Europe / Cinram, Alsdorf, Germany
06 - Warner Music Manufacturing Europe GmbH, Alsdorf, Germany
07 - Sonopress GmbH / Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Sony Music) / Arvato Digital Services, Gütersloh, Germany
071 - Arvato Digital Services, Gütersloh, Germany
08 - Sonopress Arvato de México, S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, Mexico
09 - Sonopress Pan Asia Compact Disc International Ltd., Hong Kong
10 - Sonopress LLC / Arvato Digital Services, Weaverville, North Carolina, U.S.A.
11 - Sonopress Rimo Ind E Comersie Fonografica Ltda. / Arvato Digital Services, São Paulo, Brazil
12 - Moulages et Plastiques de l'Ouest (MPO), Averton, France
13 - MPO Ibérica S.A., Madrid, Spain
14 - EMI Records, Greenbridge, Swindon, England
15 - EMI Compact Disc BV / MediaMotion Manufacturing BV, Uden, Netherlands
16 - EMI Music Distribution, Jacksonville, Illinois
17 - Digital Communication Media AB, Kista, Sweden
20 - Cinram Latinoamericana S.A. de C.V., Mexico
21 - F.A.S., Philippines
23 - Nimbus / Technicolor, U.K.
24 - Technicolor, U.S.A.
25 - EMI Operation SpA, Italy
26 - Digital Audio Technologies / Summit, Australia
28 - Toshiba-EMI Ltd., Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka, Japan
30 - Koch, Germany
31 - Ibermemory / Sonopress Ibermemory S.A., Madrid, Spain
32 - GEMA O.D. S.A., Spain
33 - Technodisco S.A., Spain
35 - Servicios Ibericos Entertainment S.A., Spain
36 - EMI Capitol, U.S.A.
38 - Zomax Optical, Plymouth, Minnesota, U.S.A.
39 - Columbia Music Denon, Japan
40 - JVC / Universal Music Japan, Rinkan, Yokohama, Japan
41 - JVC Disc America Co. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, U.S.A.
44 - Memory-Tech Corporation, Japan
45 - Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., Japan
46 - Technicolor, Australia
48 - Japan
50 - Sony Records DADC, Terre Haute, Indiana, U.S.A.
51 - Sony Records DADC, Terre Haute, Indiana, U.S.A.
52 - DOCdata Germany, Germany
53 - SungEum Ltd./ SKC, South Korea
54 - Microservice, Brazil
60 - Cinram Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
61 - Cinram International, Richmond, Indiana, U.S.A.
63 - Sony Music Entertainment (Hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong
64 - Sony DADC Mexico, Mexico
65 - Sony Music Entertainment Australia (SMEA) / Sony DADC, Huntington, Australia
66 - Sony Music Mexico/ Sony Music Entertainment / Sony DADC Brazil, Manaus, Brazil
67 - Sony DADC Canada, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
68 - CD Plant AB, Sweden
70 - Anvistar Co. Ltd., Taiwan
72 - Sony Records, Pitman, New Jersey, U.S.A.
78 - Sanyo Music, Japan
80 - Cinram International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
81 - Disque Americ/ Disque Amerique/ Americ Disc, Drummondville, Canada
83 - Digitpress Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
85 - Woong Jin Coway Development Co. Ltd. (WJM), South Korea
86 - EPSA, Argentina
87 - Disctronics U.K. / EDC Blackburn Ltd., Blackburn, U.K.
88 - South Korea
91 - Taiwan
92 - Sanyo-Verbatim CD Company / Optical Disc Solutions, U.S.A.
94 - Sony DADC Austria AG, Anif and Thalgau, Austria
96 - Videolar S.A., Brazil
97 - Optimal Media Production GmbH / Optimal Toutrager Productions GmbH, Germany
98 - CBS Records Korea Inc. / SKC Limited, South Korea

Digit/Letter IFPI Mould Codes:

1A - Societé Nouvelle AREACEM, Tourouvre, France
1E - Roadrunner Japan Inc., Japan
1F - EMI Mfg. Canada, Canada
1G - Compact Disc Albrechts (CDA), Germany
1I - Russia
1J - Japan
1L - SBC (GB) Ltd., U.K.
1Q - Argentina
1R - Laser Disc Argentina S.A., Ciudad Autonóma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
1T - Technicolor Records, California
1U - ABCD Music Ltd., Israel
1W - D. Tarra, Indonesia
1Z - DOCdata, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
2A - Matsushita Universal Media Services / Universal, U.S.A
2D - Disctronics USA, U.S.A.
2F - CMCA / Deluxe, U.S.A.
2G - Jackin Optical Technology Ltd., Hong Kong
2I - Taiwan
2N - Taiwan
2T - Nimbus Records / Technicolor Records, Sunnyvale, California
2U - Specialty Records Corporation / WEA Mfg. / Cinram Manufacturing, Olyphant, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
2W - Sentinel B.V., Hilversum, Holland
3A - Fuji Magnetics GmbH, Germany
3B - Zomax Optical Media Plymouth, U.S.A.
3G - Zomax Optical Media Inc., Canada
3J - Germany
3K - Buhl Data Service GmbH, Germany
3L - IPC Communications, U.S.A.
3P - Zomax Optical Media, Ireland
3R - Maxell Corporation, U.S.A.
3Y - CD Systems, Colombia
4B - Mayking / DOCdata U.K., London, U.K.
4F - WOONGJIN Media Corp., Korea
4J - Toppan Printing Company, Japan
4K - Datapulse Technology Limited, Singapore
4M - Technicolor, U.S.A.
5D - MPO (Ireland) Ltd., Ireland
5F - Helicon Records, Israel
5G - Monaco
5J - GZ Digital Media a.s., Lodenice, Czech Republic
5M - VTV, Belgium
5Q - Firefly Entertainment, U.K.
6C - Teltron, Buenos Aires, Argentina
6D - Intramedia Inc., Taiwan
6L - Pacific Mirror, Australia
6R - DOCdata California, Canoga Park, California, U.S.A.
6Y - Sonopress South Africa (Pty) Ltd., Randburg, South Africa
6Z - Regency Media, Australia
7D - Optimax Disc, Inc., New York, U.S.A.
7K - Delphi Technology Inc., Taiwan
7N - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8D - Modus Media International, Utah, U.S.A.
8P - Metatec International B.V., Holland
9B - Metatec International, U.S.A.
9F - Crest National Optical Media, U.S.A.
9K - Saturn Fulfilment Services Ltd., Ireland
9R - TAKT, Boleslaw, Poland
9W - Taiwan

Letter/Digit IFPI Mould Codes:

A1 - Fochan Fenglong Electronic, China
A6 - Rainbo Records, Canoga Park, California, U.S.A.
C9 - CD Linja, Finland
D6 - EDD, Germany
D9 - South Korea
E2 - China
F9 - L & M Optical Disc LLC., Brooklyn, New York, USA
G3 - Compact Disc Technologies, South Africa
G7 - Nordeste Digital Line SA, Brazil
H6 - Taiwan
J5 - Indonesia
J8 - South Korea
L8 - Advanced Duplication Services, U.S.A.
L9 - EMI Records, Thailand
M9 - Europa Magnetics Co Ltd., Northumberland, England
N3 - found on counterfeit CDs
N5 - Disco-Press, Belgium
P8 - Stebbing, New Zealand
Q9 - Laser Disc Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
U8 - Concord Disk Mfg., U.S.A.
V0 - Zelenograd Music Technology, Russia
V5 - Duplium Corporation, Canada
V9 - Panasonic Disc Services Corporation, Torrence, California, U.S.A.
Z8 - IP Armita, Belarus

Double Letter IFPI Mould Codes:

CA - Shanghai Push Typhoon Co., Ltd., China
CB - Shanghai Push Typhoon Co., Ltd., China
CC - found on counterfeit CDs
DK - Trueway Corporation Ltd., Hong Kong
HH - Japan
HU - Deluxe, U.K.
IC - U-TECH Media Corporation, Taiwan
JI - Discmasters, U.S.A.
JN - Taiwan
JU - Taiwan
JW - DCM Öresund AB, Öresund, Sweden
KA - Lynic Group, U.K.
KK - Mexico
LA - DOCdata, U.K.
LC - ZAO ARK-System LLC, Russia
LD - Artech Video Records, Italy
LU - Sonopress Singapore (Pte) Ltd., Singapore
QK - Japan
QS - Taiwan
RF - Repli Master LLC, Russia
RM - Power Media International Co. Ltd., Taiwan
RV - Sonopress France SAS, Forbach, France
RZ - England
UG - Technicolor, Germany
UP - Two Dimension Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Thailand
UU - TAKT, Boleslaw, Poland
VL - Media Evolved, LLC, U.S.A.
ZG - Russia
ZN - Music City Optical Media, U.S.A.

Triple Letter IFPI Mould Codes:

AAH - MediaMotion Manufacturing BV, Uden, Netherlands
AAJ - MediaMotion Disk, Uden, Netherlands
AKN - Sony DADC, Mexico
AJL - Adcom Production AG, Switzerland
UAA - Ukraine