Pink Floyd
South African
Sampler LP Discography

by Vernon Fitch

with contributions from Bede Perham

© copyright Vernon Fitch / The Pink Floyd Archives

This is a discography of Pink Floyd sampler vinyl albums (LPs) that have been released in South Africa.

Any comments, corrections or additions to this discography would be appreciated.

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  1. Samplers

    1. Underground Show


Underground Show LP

Title: Underground Show
Record Company: Columbia Records
Catalog Number: SCXJ 174
Matrix Information: (side 1 / side 2)
1) 04226 A / 04226A B (both stamped, except A /B written)
Release Information: Sampler LP that includes the Pink Floyd songs The Nile Song and Ibiza Bar.
Front Cover: Title. Bands listed.
Back Cover: Song listing. Credits. Pictures of album covers.
Labels: Blue Columbia labels.
Text around the top edge of the label starts at 9 o'clock and says:

All rights of the record producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. Copying, public performance and broadcasting of this record prohibited.

Text around the bottom edge of the label starts at 6:30 o'clock and says:

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