Sly Yellow Dome and the Enigma

*** Written by Vernon Fitch and posted on the Echoes newsgroup 1995 ***

© copyright 1995

A number of people have reported sightings of the mysterious Sly Yellow Dome and the Enigma band, most notably in Detroit and Pittsburgh. I understand that during the second Detroit show, they played a piece of music that they hadn't played for years, the Lost Side of My Brain.

My favorite album by them is still their first LP, called: Sly Yellow Dome and the Enigma, A Caller in Disguise. It's an underground classic. It was mostly written by their guitarist, a guy who went only by the letters RKB. He's no longer with them, as he was sent away to summer camp shortly after the album was recorded. He was very strange and supposedly had telepathic powers (legend has it that he could make you use Brylcreem just by thinking about it!) He named the band by combining the words Sly, Yellow and Dome. Brilliant!

As for their songs, I just love their lyrics. My favorite line is: And all you touch and all you be, is only in your mind, you see.

I've heard tell, though, that their singer thinks that people read too much into things.

This may be true.