Sly Yellow Dome

*** written by Vernon Fitch and posted on the Echoes Newsgroup 1995 ***

© copyright 1995

The full name of the band is Sly Yellow Dome and the Enigma. They were originally called The Sly Yellow Dome and the Enigma Sound, but they stopped using Sound in the early days. (It still confuses me a bit as to whether their name is The Sly Yellow Dome and the Enigma or just Sly Yellow Dome and the Enigma). Their live shows are quite interesting. They have a lead singer called Publius who is quite mysterious (sometimes he shows up, sometimes he doesn't). If you wear the special glasses that they give out at the door, when you watch Publius on stage, you can sometimes make out hidden secret messages! But my favorite bit of Sly Yellow Dome and the Enigma trivia is that if you make a recording of one of their concerts, right between the two songs Have You Got It Yet? and No Dammit! there is this weird burst of noise that lasts about two seconds. If you take the tape of this noise, put it on a computer, reverse it and expand it, it turns out to be the entire Pink Floyd catalog played backwards!